08 January 14  |  Equestrian   |  

Your Horse Needs Exercise, Just Like You

Written by Loryn Lamport, our Equestrian Manager.

Horses come in all different sizes, just like we do. Also just like us, exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a horse’s overall health and well being. Exercise helps horses build and retain muscle, as well as improves their mood. Not to mention, it allows for some quality time for you and your horse to bond.

How much exercise your horse needs depends on your horse’s age, breed, and the physical requirements of the sport they participate in. For example, horses that participate in equestrian events like racing and jumping require regular exercise.

Getting Your Horse “Legged-Up”

You may have heard of the term “legged-up”. This term refers to keeping the horse at a level of fitness high enough that their legs (which hold around 1,000 pounds plus the rider) are as strong as they can be. This can be accomplished through a lot of walking and trotting.

Horses also need to keep their “wind” up, meaning their endurance. Working them so that their lungs expand and breathe in more air helps them to keep up their endurance when competing. This is done by intervals of trotting and cantering for a set time limit.

Let Your Horse Recover From Any Injuries

A horse’s need for exercise is just as important as ours, unless of course an injury has them sidelined on stall rest. If your horse has sustained an injury, following a veterinarian’s instructions is crucial for optimal recovery and return to the discipline that is desired.

Many owners and horses alike love a simple trail ride around where they can just relax and enjoy the day. Golden Ocala is the perfect place to do just that! See you out on the trails!