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Work Continues at Golden Ocala Equestrian Center

Exciting times are ahead at the Golden Golf & Equestrian Club’s Equestrian Center! The staff at the Equestrian Center has been working tirelessly to improve the overall appearance of the stable and surrounding areas.

In the last two weeks the barn has been turned upside down and is very quickly being put back together. With a new schedule and a lot of hard work the Equestrian Center is starting to shape up.

Jacob, our in-house handy man, has been working to pressure wash all the walls, floors and stall fronts. What a difference. Nina and Kat, Equestrian Center workers, are doing a phenomenal job to make sure the horses always have everything they need, while the barn is in this transitional period.

Golden Ocala Equestrian Stables

Our hope is to have the stable cleaned and ready for the winter season before it hits that way we can all relax a little! In the next week or so we hope to have even more improvements checked off the list. On the other side of the road, the new Equestrian Suites are going up like wild fire. Those will be finished in the near future. When they are completed we’ll have our own Equestrian village.

Check back for more updates or stop by and check out our progress!

Author: Alaina Oleson, new manager of Golden Golf & Equestrian Club’s Equestrian Center

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