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The Holidays and Your Pets

Written by Loryn Lamport, our Equestrian Manager.

Now is the time of year when many people venture out of town to visit family and friends for the holidays. Often times, your pets have to either stay at home by themselves or in a boarding facility. This can be a stressful time and can leave feelings of separation for both the animals and us. However, being prepared ahead of time can really help. Here are a few tips for both scenarios.

Leaving Pets at Home

Leaving your pets at home offers the advantage of letting them stay comfortable in an environment where they already feel safe and secure. Any time you plan to leave your pets at home, you must prepare ahead of time so that you have enough supplies like food, litter, shavings, and medications if necessary. Most importantly, you will need to find a very reliable person to take care of your animals in your absence. Also, it is essential to leave contact phone numbers of veterinarians, other family members, and neighbors who could help out as well if a problem or emergency arises.

Keeping Pets in a Boarding Facility

Sending your pets to a boarding facility is a convenient way not to worry about someone or something going wrong at home. Boarding facilities require that your pets are up to date on all vaccinations and that they are friendly enough not to harm care givers. In addition, most boarding facilities carry food, toys, and other comfort items so you won’t need to bring any with you.

Boarding a Cat

Enjoy Your Holiday!

So, enjoy your time during the holiday season and with the proper planning, your pets will too!

At Golden Ocala, our Equestrian Center provides a wide range of services and superior care for our member’s horses. If you’re going out of town for the holidays, your horse will feel right at home with us!