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The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

When equestrians talk about horseback riding as a form of exercise, people who have never ridden are prone to saying things like, “The horse is doing all the work.” For those of us living in horseback-riding communities, we know that this could not be further from the truth. Horseback riding is an outstanding full-body workout. In gated communities with horses, you will notice that many residents adopt high standards of fitness in order to satisfy the rigors of riding.

Why horseback riding is a healthy choice

Horseback riding is a form of strength training because it requires the use of several muscle groups. We fully engage our core and stabilizer muscles in order to stay upright and in the saddle. Horseback riding is considered isometric exercise because, although we are exerting the most effort in the legs and core, other muscle groups throughout the body are also working to maintain form.

In addition to strengthening and toning, riding offers a cardiovascular workout. The more intensely your horse is working, the more your heart rate and blood oxygen levels increase. As your horse moves faster or executes a complicated pattern, you have to work harder to maintain your seat. If you are competing, as many people in horseback riding communities do, the thrill of competition provides an even greater boost in heart rate.

Horseback riding outdoors.

Improved musculoskeletal strength and cardiovascular health are only a few of the many reasons to spend some time on your horse. So often when we board, it is difficult to find the time to work with our horses as much as we would like. At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, close proximity to your horse’s boarding facility will allow you to maximize your time so that you can enjoy the health benefits of riding on a regular basis. Beyond the physical benefits of riding, you will be positioned in a community of like-minded equestrians. Good healthy habits and a strong community are cornerstones of a fulfilling life. Whether you frequent equestrian competitions or ride for pleasure, Golden Ocala is the 1,200-acre paradise that you and your horse have been looking for.

Enjoy Golden Ocala’s Equestrian Center

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club sets residents up for success in the show ring and outside of it. Our full-service equestrian center gives you access to the staff and training environments that you and your horse need to have the ideal partnership and a competitive edge. Many riders in gated communities with horses undertake additional physical training to enhance their abilities as a rider. Within the Golden Ocala community, there are a number of other fitness resources that residents can use to develop a training regimen that complements their riding.

Golden Ocala members will find this the ideal place to board and care for their horses. The experienced staff at Golden Ocala’s Equestrian Center provides excellent care and expert services. For full-board options or terms and services, call Alaina our equestrian manager at 650-773-1812.

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