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Riding Ring Renovations

Discount Dirtworks Riding RingEquestrian members of Golden Ocala are getting a special treat this winter — a renovated riding surface! Located just outside of the miniature barns, the riding ring now has an upgraded drainage system, as well as a new German geotextile (GGT) riding surface and fencing. This is all thanks to Discount Dirtworks, a Wellington-based company that specializes in equestrian site development and is responsible for the riding surface at World Equestrian Center Ocala. So, while developing a 140’ x 240’ ring may seem easy compared to four climate-controlled indoor arenas, followed by two grand outdoor arenas with stadium seating and 17 outdoor arenas with all-weather premium footing, there is much more to this project than meets the eye.


Riding Ring Surface

In just six days, Discount Dirtworks laid the foundation for GGT footing — a scientifically proven, economically and environmentally sound surface that combines the highest quality nonwoven geotextile and polyester fiber with high tensile strength and UV rating.Riding Ring Surface

When the shredded textile product is added to sand, it improves the sand’s functionality and, in turn, a horse’s footing, shock absorption and dust reduction. Not only are the synthetic fibers non-toxic and strong enough to avoid rotting, breakdown and packing, but they will support your horse’s joints and ligaments by preventing slipping and, therefore, hyper-extending a joint.

Other benefits include the facilitation of a secure landing after a strong jump, as well as energy rebound via an adapted spring.


Discount Dirtworks Golden Ocala

Riding Ring Ready to Go  

Golden Ocala trained staff will be responsible for maintaining the renovated riding ring. The upgraded drainage and GGT footing allows Golden Ocala to rely on simple tools and an efficient watering system to hit all areas of the ring and avoid overwatering.

Now that this riding ring is ready, we urge all members to put it to good use! Just bear in mind, if you’re a non-boarding member, you must contact Alaina at Golden Ocala first — (352) 629-6229.