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Paso Fino

Imagine a carousel horse with a long flowing mane and tail, imagine the Paso Fino breed of horse.  The Paso Fino is a naturally-gaited light horse 00060-2412breed dating back to horses imported to the Caribbean from Spain on Christopher Columbus’ second voyage.  The Paso Fino breed is very popular in Marion County and surrounding communities.

Marion County boasts many of the most renowned Paso Fino breeders, top trainers and Paso Fino boarding and training facilities, as well as home to more professional clinicians than anywhere else in the nation.  Whether you are just learning about the Paso Fino breed, or you are a top competitor, Ocala/Marion County and living at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club, offer something for everyone. You can enjoy any activities from top national and International competitions to a leisurely trail ride amongst the Live Oaks on Golden Ocala’s beautifully groomed trails or on the Greenway trail system.

The Paso Fino belongs to the gaited horse community and is known for its four-beat lateral gait, a rhythm that creates a very smooth and comfortable ride.  Paso Finos are known and cherished for being the “Smoothest Horse in the World.”  This four-beat rhythm is a natural gait that exists even in a foal that’s just a few hours old.

The Paso Fino horse is a medium-sized horse, standing between 13 to 15 hands tall.  They are prized for their endurance, athleticism, incredible balance, and finesse.   The small to medium size and exceptional smoothness make them a perfect mount for youth, seniors, the show ring, on the trails, in dressage, and even working cattle.  Additionally, they are popular for parades, drill teams and team penning.

If you are a real Paso Fino aficionado, living at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club, Ocala/Marion County offers a wealth of opportunities for StunningSteedsPhoto-7986you, including the following:

1) Access to elite trainers, clinicians, and training centers,

2) Home to many of the foremost stallions of the breed and some of the largest breeding operations in the United States. In fact, North Central and Central Florida have the largest population of Paso Fino horses, and more Paso Fino foals are born here than anywhere else in the country,

3) Extensive Show Opportunities – Ocala/Marion County and surrounding areas offer extensive horse show opportunities for the Paso Fino rider.

Now let’s talk about the Paso Fino horse show experience.  Unlike the traditional horse show, where the spectators are quiet and subdued until after the horse’s performance, the Paso Fino show is full of exuberance, family fun, music, amazing food, and camaraderie among exhibitors and spectators alike.  Cheering on your favorite rider/horse team during their performance is welcomed.

The Paso Fino is one of the most versatile breeds of horse that is enjoyed at any age from youth to seniors.   Visit a Paso Fino farm here in Ocala/Marion County and experience the difference of the “Smoothest Horse in the World.”


Photo Credit: Cheri Prill (Stunning Steeds Photography)