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Horseback Riding For Beginners: What You Need To Know

Horseback riding is an invigorating experience. Few activities leave people feeling both centered and energized the way horseback riding does. Horseback riding for beginners can be awkward at first, but the benefits far outweigh the initial awkwardness.

Benefits Of Riding

Riding a horse is a great way to get exercise and to connect with a majestic animal. Interacting with horses can be calming. These noble, serene animals are well-known for being excellent companions. This is one reason for the success of equine therapy. The same special relationship can be developed while riding.

Riding horses is a great activity for people of all ages. Children and adults can benefit. Riding leads people to engage with nature, on trails or in paddocks.

Riding is also great exercise. It requires balance and helps build core strength. Building a bond with a horse can also build character. Generations of leaders, including Winston Churchill, have had high praise for horses.

Horseback Riding For Beginners

Riding can seem intimidating at first. Sitting astride a huge animal feels unusual at first, and after the initial ride thigh muscles may be sore. The following tips will help to demystify horseback riding for beginners.

  • Start off by taking lessons with a qualified instructor. You will need someone to show you how to groom and tack up the horse. The first time you mount a horse from a mounting block can be awkward. It is good to have someone help you.
  • Take it slow. For the first few rides, you should stay at a slower pace. Keeping at a gentle walking pace will allow your muscles to warm up and adjust to the new motion. You will learn how to balance and gain confidence.
  • Stay contained. While trail riding is a beautiful and relaxing way to spend a day, as a beginner you should start off in a riding ring or an arena.
  • Remember to cool down. You and the horse will both need to quiet down and go for a slow, short walk. Un-tacking and brushing the horse is also important. This time will also allow you to bond with the horse.

Girl riding a horse.

The Golden Ocala Equestrian Experience

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club is located in the Horse Capital of the World in Marion County, Florida. With state-of-the-art grounds and an expert staff, riding at Golden Ocala is a horse lover’s dream. There are large grass paddocks, space for jumping and a 200 stall horse barn. Equestrian members can board their horses in private barn suites.
Riders at every level are welcome at Golden Ocala. We would love to help you discover the joys of horseback riding.  Contact Alaina Oleson today by calling 352-629-6229 or emailing her at alaina.oleson@goldenocala.com!

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