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Equestrian Suites: Comfort and Efficiency with All the Luxury

That consistent wonder of where to stable my horse has risen above the withers of many equestrian enthusiasts. There are a plethora of options that many equestrians encounter when trying to decide what’s best. Options such as boarding, buying land, building a barn, or sending your horses’ to a trainer. What if I told you that the pros to those options could all be rolled out into one solution?

Look no further! The best of both worlds have collided into one luxurious location: Golden Ocala!

Golden Ocala

Featuring now at Golden Ocala, you and your horses can release your inner equestrian in an all-inclusive Private Equestrian Suite. This private suite is comprised of four very comfortable 14’ x 14’ stalls, inclusive of rubber matting and cabled with personalized video surveillance. This gives you the ability to check closely on your proud possessions from either your phone or computer.

Additionally, you are given complete flexibility in supplying your very own personalized staff for upkeep and care, or you can request a Golden Ocala preferred contractor to assist you in your equestrian activities. This freedom allows you to focus on the control of the environment while we focus on the quality of your stay.

Keep your equine loved ones close by so that you can enjoy them more. Leases are available for the season which is six months or annually. Please contact the sales center for more information on how to turn this option into a reality. Additional amenities to your equestrian stay are just a phone call away.

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