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Equestrian Center Offers Riding Lessons, Leasing and Sales

For centuries, people have studied the trainability of their equestrian counterparts. Horses have been a working part of society and have grown into a newly found pleasure that most enthusiasts enjoy. However, like most disciplines, things evolve over time, leaving us in a constant state of continued education.

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club acknowledges this constant state of evolution and partakes in supplying the ever-thriving equestrian enthusiast with the resources to advance in his or hers equine abilities. For this reason – and many more – the Golden Ocala Equestrian Center has opened its doors for training in many equine disciplines including English, Western, Hunter/Jumper and Dressage.

The Equestrian Center’s very own Equestrian Manager Alaina Oleson will be providing these lessons. Oleson is specialized in one of the most studied equine arts in history – Dressage – and will now be giving private lessons to those seeking to enhance their overall performance. Through the instruction of a seasoned professional, effective riding has never been more accessible than now.

Partaking in a riding lesson is tenfold. Even the most seasoned riders take lessons for the simple reason of getting a second opinion and a second set of eyes. This has proven to significantly improve your overall equitation and training of your horse through things you cannot see from the saddle.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to explore your equestrian capabilities. There are a number of Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage horses available for lease or purchase. Training and lesson packages can be made directly by contacting Oleson at 650-773-1812 or alaina.oleson@goldenocala.com.

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