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Caring for Your Horses During the Climate Changes

Written by Loryn Lamport, our Equestrian Manager.

Florida weather is an ideal climate for most people and animals.  The warm sunny days are conducive for lots of outdoor activities.  Many homes and barns are open and airy allowing for that outdoor living feeling.  However, there are months in the summer that are very hot, humid, and stormy.  There are also a few months in the winter that are both cold and dry. Horses are big, strong animals but they can be very sensitive to changes in the weather. Here are some tips on caring for your horses during the climate changes.


Prepare yourself and protect your horses from the climate change throughout the season.

Warm Weather Climate

The summer months can be tough on horses.  Sometimes horses can stop sweating when it is hot and they are being over worked. This is very dangerous because their body temperatures can rise quickly to unsafe levels. This can lead to your horse having heat stroke. Keeping your horses hydrated is very important as well as adding additional salt to their diets to replenish their systems.

Cold Weather Climate

The cold weather conditions can tend to lead to health issues with your horses, like colic due to the horses lack of interest in drinking water.  Exercise and keeping them blanketed and warm can help your horses continue to consume the proper amount of water.  It is good to keep fresh air flowing through the stables and to not close up all the windows and doors.  Too much dust from shavings and hay are not good for the horses to breath in.  Horses also tend to be a little bit frisky in the cooler weather, so be sure take care when riding or handling them.

Overall, common sense and good barn management can keep horses healthy and happy all year round. For more tips on caring for your horses or information about the Golden Ocala Equestrian Center visit our equestrian blog.