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New Addition to Raspberry’s Wine List

Written by Harold Dean, our Food and Beverage Director.

New to Raspberry’s wine list is JUSTIN Vineyards Isosceles 2010. Grown in the classic Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon style, it is a great full bodied addition to our wine list.


A Very Late Harvest Season Makes this Wine Unique

The Isosceles wine that we brought to Raspberry’s was produced in the 2010 growing season at JUSTIN Vineyards. The 2010 season started with heavy rains, which replenished the limestone soils of the vineyard with the much needed moisture after three years of drought. After a mild spring, a cool summer, and a hot month of August, the harvest in 2010 was the latest in JUSTIN Vineyards’ history. This late harvest caused the fresh acidic taste and ripe varietals that this wine is known for.

JUSTIN Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery. The vineyard prides itself on producing world-class wines that reflect the unique climate of California’s Central Coast. The Isosceles wine is JUSTIN Winery’s most esteemed, highly regarded wine, truly showing the capabilities of this Paso Robles winery.

What’s in a Name?


The name of this wine, Isosceles, may remind you of something you learned back in geometry class. In fact, an isosceles triangle is a geometric shape with three sides. JUSTIN Winery named this wine Isosceles to emphasize the fact that this wine is made from three varieties of grapes, like a triangle has three sides.

For the palate, the Isosceles 2010 has the taste of black cherry and black currant fruit, complex brown spice of star anise, licorice with cocoa, and herbal notes of sweet tobacco with a hint of eucalyptus. The color is bright with a deep ruby core, and the aroma is rich and aromatic with black cherry, cassis, exotic licorice, cinnamon, and subtle vanilla spice with a little cocoa and toasted cedar.

Come Try For Yourself!

Members, enjoy this new addition to our wine list when you dine at Raspberry’s. Also, this wine is available by the bottle when dining in Knickers. Just ask your server!