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Golden Ocala Hosts The Best Craft Beer Dinner in Ocala

It goes by so many names: aiming fluid, amber nectar, barley sandwich, barley soda, brewski, cold coffee, frostie, frosty pop, glass sandwich, laughing water, liquid bread, oil, suds, swing oil and vitamin B. Archeologists believe it may have helped form the first human civilizations more than 10,000 years ago.

In fact, considering early slurpers of suds spent most of their time outdoors, we at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club conjecture early humans – animal skins, hairy backs, unseemly belches and all – may have been the first to experience beer gardens. But we’re talking specifically about a beer dinner in Ocala. And beer dinners are by definition places where good food and delicious beer are served.

Craft Beer Dinner Set For April 27

Golden Ocala is hosting its Craft Beer Dinner April 27. This craft beer dinner will be offering 21st-century folks a special dinner menu and many fine craft brews. The feature craft beer of the evening is Sam Adams Utopia, described as “sweet fire, with a rich malt and wood complexity, (it) is unlike any other beverage in the world.”

This brewski is further described as a “blend of batches, some having been aged up to 19 years in  our Boston Brewery, in a variety of barrels.”

Friends enjoying craft beer.

“For this brew, the barrels are quite literally an ingredient, with different barrels producing intense layers of flavor that continue to unfold with each sip.  We began by using Jack Daniels barrels, but have continued to add to the array with Port pipes, bourbon barrels, cognac casks, sherry barrels, and most recently rum barrels.”

Sounds delicious to us.

Drinks are served at 6:30 p.m. and dinners begin at 7 p.m. Cost is $90 per person and you’ll be able to enjoy dinner, Sam Adams Utopia and plenty of other craft brews as well.

Come and experience Golden Ocala’s Craft Beer Dinner and enjoy some of the best amber nectar on the planet. Call us today at 352-369-6969 to learn more.

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