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Getting Out What You Put In

Written by Daryl Dean, Sous Chef.

We Take Pride in the Food that Leaves Our Kitchen

The Culinary Team and I take pride in putting the proper time and effort into the products we allow to go out of our kitchen. Take our chicken wings, for example. They go through a three-step process before they even hit a plate!

Our 3-Step Process for Chicken Wings:

  • First, we brine the wings.
  • Next, we cook them in bacon and duck fat for two hours at a low temperature (also known as confit).
  • Then, we fry the chicken wings to order.

Making our Food the Best it Can Be

Now, your normal wing joint either pre-cooks their chicken wings in an oven and fries them when ordered, or simply fries them to order and then tosses them in some type of sauce. So, why do we go through the trouble of the extra steps? The answer is: you get out what you put in. We do it for flavor, texture, and passion. We also believe that the animal that gave its life for the product deserves all the time and effort we can give it to make it the best product it can be.

It’s not just our wings that go through a step by step process. All of our menu items get the attention they deserve. Our attention to detail always starts the moment the product comes into our kitchen. We examine it, store it properly, handle it appropriately, and give it the respect it deserves. We understand that the farmers, fisherman, and gatherers put their love and passion into their products and entrust them to us to do the same.

Staring at Meat Like It’s a Piece of Art

Photo Source: Flickr by Michael Mandiberg

So, if you ever find yourself lost in our roughly 70,000 sq. ft. building and you end up in the kitchen to find the cooks and me staring at a portion of meat on a cutting board like it’s a piece of art in a gallery, just note that we’re brainstorming to ensure the end result is the best we can do.

After all, “at the end of the day” you only get out what you put in!

Come Out and Enjoy!

Raspberry’s opens on Friday, November 8th. Check out a preview of some of the food items you’ll see on the new Raspberry’s menu: