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Get the Finest of Premium Rums at our Restaurants!

Written by Harold Dean, our Food and Beverage Director.

From the creators of Patron, comes one of the finest premium rums… Pyrat XO Reserve!

Pyrat XO Reserve, known as the “enlightened ultra-premium dark rum”, is blended from a selection of different types of rums sourced from the Caribbean, many of which have already been aged about 15 years. The smooth blend of cinnamon, honey, caramel, and vanilla flavors makes this the perfect beverage for any rum lover to enjoy.

Handcrafted with a Unique Story

Once Pyrat XO Reserve is blended and matured, it gets poured into individually numbered decanters. Each of these handcrafted containers contains a carving of a Hoti, which represents the “patron saint and protector of fortunetellers and bartenders” (according to the medallion that comes with the bottle).

Something I find extremely interesting about this rum is that it gets its name from the old English word for “pirate”. Just like the pirates and seafarers of the Caribbean hundreds of years ago, this premium rum embodies the spirit of adventure and the quest for understanding.

The hand-crafted decanter of Pyrat XO Reserve is designed to mimic the rum bottles once sought after by the ship captains of the Caribbean. Also, each bottle comes with an orange ribbon and a pewter medallion containing a Hoti.

They say that whenever adventurous souls get together to talk about life, wisdom, and truth, there will be a bottle of Pyrat rum.

Come Try for Yourself!

Members, come enjoy this ultra-premium dark rum offered at Golden Ocala! Pyrat XO Reserve is available in both Knickers and Raspberry’s.