19 August 14  |  Dining   |  

Cleaning Fish at Golden Ocala

Written by Daryl Dean, Sous Chef.

Golden Ocala’s food and beverage department brings in fresh fish at least twice a week, depending on how many special events are scheduled at the club. Salmon is by far our most popular fish here at Golden Ocala. In this particular demonstration, Hugo is going to show you how we breakdown a 14 pound Scottish salmon.

Like all products brought in by our food and beverage department, the process starts when it comes through the door with a thorough inspection of the fish. We look for certain qualities like clear eyes, bright gills, firm flesh and shiny skin. We check for any bruises and we make sure the smell is right. The latter is tricky. It should have a strong scent, but not a fishy one. The fish should give off a briny and clean fragrance. Some say the smell is like a cucumber. When the fish passes all the inspections, we then go to the next step, cleaning the fish as demonstrated above.

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