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An Enhanced Courtyard Flavor to the Taste of Golden Ocala

An experience you want to remember and never forget! That is the thought process of most people when they think about where to host an event. It’s that lasting memory that embeds itself into the minds of individuals who seek an enjoyable experience. It’s a place that captures the elements of nature and elevates your senses. It’s what we call, “The Golden Ocala Experience”!

Attention to detail plays a significant role in this experience and that is why Golden Ocala has taken careful action in bringing the lush green and vibrant visuals of nature to a captivating celebration. This past week the Golden Ocala maintenance team has started the renovation process of the courtyard greens behind the clubhouse. These greens host many events that happen at Golden Ocala, and play a significant role in providing the most scenic of eye-capturing phenomena.

Enhancing the Courtyard


Previously, the yard was sown with St. Augustine grass that was maintained at a height of 3 inches. This broad-bladed grass offered our patrons a smooth and comfortable area of social gathering and hospitality. The courtyard area had a medium-green grass hue that was visually appealing and physically sustainable. But with space, there is always room for improvement!

The maintenance team will be repurposing the courtyard with that attribute in mind by rebranding the turf with a new style of luxury: Hybrid Bermuda. Purposefully, there will be a new look and feel to the grass that will offer organizers the ability to have a venue that provides luscious green atmosphere year-round. Ask more about our enhanced courtyard!


Enhancing the Courtyard

Here’s How!

The new Bermuda grass will be mowed below a 1/2 inch. First, we will us a herbicide to kill the existing grass as well as any weeds. Next, we will sod cut-out, to 2 inches in depth, all the old material, collect it and haul it off site. Then we incorporated some fresh sand and tilled all the material together to make an ideal planting medium. Finally, we put a smooth grade on the soil, adjusted any irrigation needs and prepped for planting.

The new Bermuda grass will go down Tuesday, July 21 and will be ready for events by the first week of August. Make an appointment to visit our event planning staff at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club to check out the numerous amenities we have to offer.

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