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Christmas Traditions with Santa

From lighting up the Christmas tree and singing carols to reading “The Night Before Christmas” and leaving cookies out for Santa, many families have holiday traditions that make this time of year very special. Here at Golden Ocala, we have some great holiday traditions of our own. Not to mention, we are very close friends with Santa!

Whispering Christmas Wishes to Santa

Santa by Christmas TreeLast Friday, the Knickers restaurant was filled with families enjoying “Dinner with Santa”. What a festive evening! Santa said he had a great time with all of the children and their folks. He loved hearing the little ones’ holiday wishes with excitement. When they sat on his lap, they were filled with joy as they shyly whispered their dreams for the coming Christmas morning.

One little girl around ten years old sat on Santa’s lap as he asked in a jolly voice, “what would you like for Christmas this year?” She took a deep breath and replied, “I want nothing for myself, but I would like my friend Blaine to get better. She has leukemia.” Santa took a moment to reply and said, “we will say a prayer to wish that she may get better.” As Santa left, he waved goodbye to all, giving the little girl an extra gift for her friend to let her know that Santa is thinking of her.

Leaving Christmas Cookies Out for Santa

In the United States, the practice of leaving cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve became popular in the 1930s during the Depression. Parents encouraged their children to leave cookies out as an act of generosity and giving, two of the main focuses of Christmas. Last Wednesday, we continued a Christmas cookie tradition of our own with gingerbread cookie decorating in the ballroom. Maybe your kids want to leave their gingerbread cookies out for Santa? If they have any left, that is!

Catch Santa Again Before Christmas

If you want to catch Santa once again before Christmas, don’t miss the Posh Pups Photo Op with Santa on Saturday (12/21) from 11am to 1pm at the Spa. If you’ve never been to the Posh Pups Photo Op, check out these photos from last year and stop by the Spa this Saturday!

Whatever traditions you hold dear, may this season bring you closer to the joys of this special time of year!